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riding my NEW $50 BIKE in long island city

By Monday, August 29, 2005No Comments

so i bought this bike from someone on the ITP alumni list. great bike right? can’t beat it for fifty bucks! but as we started riding away, i noticed the seat was a bit loose. by the time we got to the pier in this shot, my seat was so loose it nearly fell off.

i asked around, and finally got some pliers to tighten the seat down. only to find moments later that i had not tightened them enough and the seat was loose again. a little while later as were biking over the queensboro bridge, i realized that i should have done this ages ago! then the seat really loosened up again!

after a short pit stop for a slice of pizza, we get back on 1st ave fighting traffic. only to get to 34th st pier and after riding over a small bump, feeling my left pedal fall off. sure enough, i was right. it fell off! as i stopped, with the super sharp brakes, the handle bars bent downward. we stopped to try and put the pedal back on. after a few tries of putting it on, and watching it fall off, i held it in y hand and pushed off the ground , skateboard style.

we get tp a cab stand, where i ask the mechanic in hindi to borrow a wrench, he looks at me and says ” no touch the tools”. he handed me a wrench, we out the pedal back on, say goodbye and thanks…only to get outside and see that the pedal we put on was at the wrong angle and right next to the right pedal!
i stop to laugh, and then the seat drops down, and the handlebars move downward again. the lesson? you get what you pay for!

but really folks. biking is FUN!

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