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what the fork?!?

By Saturday, August 6, 2005No Comments

what the fork?!?

Originally uploaded by mojo!.

so here’s the story. this actually happened.

last weekend i was at a friend’s beach house. after a night of sun and drinking, we came home to find some ppl at the house talking about a 2 am barbeque. since there was nothing in the fridge, they decided to go “shopping”.

they snuck into houses to find meat and bbq materials. upon entering one house, robin hood encountered some other midnight vultures.

They looked at each other and they said: “What are you taking?”
Robin hood replied “Meat. You?”
They replied “Forks. We’re going to ‘fork’ their lawn.”

The next morning, my friend and I discoverd the ‘Forked’ lawn on the way to the beach.

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