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Street Othello – Big Games

By Thursday, February 17, 2005No Comments


Ideas in Development:

1) Street Othello
* the premise behind this game is to move othello to a five street by five street grid.
* there will be at least four teams of four people equipped with cameraphones. each team will be assigned a color:: red, yellow, green, blue. we can have more teams as 3, 4, 5, or 6 teams would be optimal.
* each game will last 30 miniutes
* based on a grid of 25 square blocks, each team will set out to compete against other teams by capturing the most squares as possible.
* to capture a square, all four members of a team must moblog a picture of the square’s street signs. once each individual from the team has submitted one unique picture of a corner and the square is completed, the team will be awarded the square.
* teams will need to be quick on their feet, with moblogging, and work well with their teammates to capture the most squares in 30 minutes.
* once a square has been captured, that team will be awarded a point. the team with the most squares, points will win.
* two teams can compete for the same square, but whichever team submits all four pictures from all for individuals first will win the square.
* there will be people at home base sending out alerts and scores to all of the team members every minute, two minutes, or as needed throughout the game. pictures of the game board will also be mailed out to people’s phones and posted on the website in real time.
* players will sign up over the web, but will compete in real time.

Future Enhancements
* in version two, teams will be able to reverse an already captured square to their color if they claim a new square which is sandwiched by a square of their own color. this happens in othello.

Why Street Othello?
* the beauty of this game is that it transposes an easy to understand game onto an urban playing field.
* the game can be set up easily, and quickly as all people need to enter is a team of four people with mms capable cell phones.
* this game builds relationships and competetion between quick thinking, strategic people.

Barriers to Entry
* there is a high transaction cost associated with playing this game. people will have to send and receive many pictures, text messages, phone calls, and mms messages.


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