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ITPUbiquitous Mobile Computing

UbiqMob: Assignment Number 4

By Tuesday, February 15, 2005No Comments


+ how does the app know your location? (do you need to tell it, or does it just “know”?)
you have to enter it either on their site ala’ a mapquest interface or email it to a email address. when you create an account, the system will send you a text message asking you to save the email address to your address book. you can email it as well to find directions. the site will return subway, bus, and walking directions to a specified location.

+ what does the app use as a basis for location (address? intersection? zip code? landmark?)
address/zipcode, intersection, or popular place.

+ what technology does your phone need in order to play? (bluetooth? GPS?)
email/mms from a mobile phone or email account or visiting their website.

+ what does the app do with this location? what services can it provide?
the app will return to you directions from point a to point b. as well as giving you directions on their site, you can get it on your phone. they also offer maps from which to you find directions to or from. you can specify subway or bus only. a little bit of walking is assumed and required.

+ does this app expose YOUR location to other users? does this put your privacy at risk?
i did see the coordinates passed in the query string, but i’m not sure about from a mobile phone. if someone were to intercept your text message then yes.

+ and as always, how can you expand on this app or make the experience / interface better?
better directions. more information about nearby places, sites, attractions. etc.

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