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User Research #1

By Saturday, November 6, 2004No Comments

I presented the sample devices to a group of mp3 player users here at ITP. The group consisted of ten people. The devices were all still in their raw wooden form. While each person liked the shape and texture of each sample, they all had differing thoughts about the appearance of the devices. I explained the project and the idea that our user testing phase consisted of giving each device to a user and asking them to apply laminated buttons, displays, knobs, and controls to the objects. I feel this way they will not only give us feedback on our idea, but also show us firsthand how they would envision the device.

I showed the devices to:
and elected individuals from my Materials class.

From the initial research, most people liked the texture and feel of the objects. Some people especially liked the idea of holding a blank device in their hands, while others stated that the natural wood took the user away from the intended experience. So I painted the objects white and created sample lamninated wireframe objects. When we begin phase two of our user research, we’ll start by doing the following:

1) Prescreen the users and determine their level of comfort and use with digitial mp3 devices.

2) Present our first half of our questionnaire to our testing audience and gather their feedback.

3) We’ll then give the users an introduction into the project, our thoughts and initial research.

4) Next the users will play with the sample devices and map controls and give us feedback.

I am hopeful that we can gather siginificant feedback from users once we have established a better understanding of our user’s train of thought.

I have to laminate the sample wireframe controls I made, and repaint the objects. I am hopeful that we can have another user testing session on Monday afternoon. More thoughts and updates to come.

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