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Craigslist Posting

By Wednesday, November 3, 2004No Comments

User Research Project

We are two NYU graduate students working on a creating a pie in the sky music device.

The idea is not so much to develop an actual device to market, but to gain an understanding of how one would create a digital product from the ground up.

We are looking to get feedback from the Craiglist community, namely people who enjoy reading, discovering, listening, and sharing new music. The people we are interested in meeting find out about new music by reading mp3 blogs, indie music magazines, recommendations from friends or even perhaps recommendations from commercial websites like We have some ideas of what the device would look like, but we are interested in hearing from you and gathering feedback about our ideas.

We would like 15 minutes of your time this weekend where we could speak to you about your habits of discovering and sharing new music. We are two graduate students, so we can’t pay you for your time, but we can bribe you with home cooked food/yummy baked goods.

Sound interesting? drop us a line!

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