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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004 : Assignment #5

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Assignment: Code something WAPish and propose midterm project by writing/sketching a one page user scenario.

I have been thinking of a variety of ideas, some of which I would like to spend time investigating further. So I have written several ideas, of which I will choose one to create a midterm application.

My first proposal would be to create an application that locates the nearest subway stop from your present location.

The purpose of the application will be to allow people to quickly locate subway stations. Many times people visit a new city or forget where a convenient subway station is located. A user will simply enter in their cross street location with street and avenue and the application will send back to the user a listing of the nearest subway stations. A user will be able to also view a map of the city and all of the subway lines and determine which subway line to take.

My second proposal would be to further investigate ideas that my group created in Design Expo from last year. The application would allow users to take pictures, audio, text, video, or any combination of those and leave them in a physical location. The user would be able to leave the information for their friends, who would be able to retrieve the message at another time.

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