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Assignment #2

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September 20th, 2004
Week 2: Definitions and Boundaries
Further examples of social software, with an emphasis on understanding different genres, and on finding new needs to address or new technical capabilities to exploit.
– Reading: Matt Webb on Glancing / Joi Ito’s Happenings (Repeat)
– Reading: Conceptual Blockbusting, Chapter 6 (Alternate Thinking Languages) [Handout]

– Assignment: A) Work in groups to propose at least three changes to one (and only one) of the sites or tools listed at, in order to improve the collaborative effectiveness of the tool.
– Assignment: B) Fill out your profile in the ITP Skillz database,
– Due: 09.27.04

The second session we continued our discussion about social software. Our group (Sarit, Derek, Steve) chose to review I’ve posted my thoughts within the class wiki which can be found here:

Assignment 2: