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Wednesday, September 22th, 2004 : Assignment #2

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My Carabiner Watch II

Core User Tasks
The core user tasks of the stopwatch are:
* viewing and setting the time
* viewing and setting the alarm
* viewing and using the stopwatch
* viewing and using the compass
* viewing and using the stopwatch

These tasks can be viewed and set using three of the four buttons on the stopwatch. The Mode, Start/Stop, and Reset buttons all allow the user to toggle between the various states and values of each component of the time, date, and stopwatch.

New Design
My first task would be to add a tactile surface to each of the four buttons to improve the user experience while using the Carabiner Watch. Adding an indentation or a raised surface would help the user recognize each button differently.

The backlight feature would also be extended to the compass. The length of the backlight would be increased to three seconds from two. The locking mechanism would also be improved with a screw lock to allow the user to screw the lock down to make the mechanism more secure when attached to another item.

Kinetic Variables
Pressure. Each mode is changed by pressing each of the buttons. While the amount of pressure isn’t taken into account, the state changes based on the number of times each button is pressed.

Input Mechanism
After last week’s class exercise, I’ve decided that I would add a Red LED to my carabiner clock to enhance feedback. The LED would be incorporated into the unit directly above the display. The LED would function as an alternative to the compulsory beep that the stopwatch emits at the start of every hour. The visual response will give the same feedback to the user, without being an auditory reminder of time change and alarm.

I would also propose adding another state to the watch that would allow the user to toggle between the visual LED and the auditory beeper. The user could then decide if they wanted a visual alarm or and auditory one.

Refresher – Part I – Features
There are four main buttons on my carabiner alarm clock, a compass, and a semi-sturdy plastic locking mechanism.


1) Light – pressing this button turns the backlight on for two seconds. Timing the backlight was quite easy.

2) Mode – this button changes the state of the watch from time (base mode) to the stopwatch, to the editing state.

3) Start/Stop – Mapped to do different things in each state, this button can display the date, start and stop the stopwatch, and be used to change the value of each time and date component in the editing mode.

4) Reset – this button also is mapped to do multiple things. It can display the alarm time, toggle the components being edited, and reset the stopwatch.

5) Compass – this functions like any other, rotate the clock, and the compass will change accordingly and always point north.

6) Locking Mechanism – while this appears to be visibly sturdy, it may not satisfy a devoted climber. The clock is meant to be an add on to a backpack, and not meant for climbing use, though that phrase is not emblazoned on the backside of the unit.

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