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Monday, September 20th, 2004 : Assignment #1

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September 13th, 2004
Week 1: Introduction to Social Software
Examples of social software, drawn from both general use and ITP projects of previous years. A definition will be derived from the examples.
– Reading: Joi Ito’s Happenings / Discussion of the ITP list
– Reading: Conceptual Blockbusting, Chapter 5 (Intellectual and Expressive Blocks) [Handout]

– Assignment: A) Work in your groups to uncover something interesting about one (and only one) of the sites or tools listed at
– Assignment: B) Fill out your profile in the ITP Skillz database,
– Due: 09.20.04

During the first session, we discussed the concepts of sharing, communication, and media. Our group’s (Mattia and Tali) assignment was to review SourceForge. I’ve posted my thoughts within the class wiki which can be found here:

Assignment 1:
GroupFour Review:

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