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Communications Lab – 55 Word Assignment #3 – From Three Perspectives

By Wednesday, October 1, 2003No Comments

Mohit SantRam
Communications Lab

the pitcher, the batter, the hitter and the roar of the crowd!

the pitcher
(heavy breathing in, heavy breathing out. sweat beads down his face. the crowd repeatedly roars”let’s go phil-lies!”)

Screw them!

(thump thump clap!)

Be still my beating heart. wait, beating? no pounding!

okay shit, focus dammit! what’s the count? three and one, fuck!

you want it chump? see if you can hit my fastball!


the catcher
(crouching back, time out called, he waits for the signal from the southpaw)

slider? no way, gimme the change up. he can’t hit your damn change up.

(thump thump clap!)

(he signals for a change up)

knuckleball? no way he’s too quick, I WANT THE CHANGE UP!

(another signal)

dammit Jim’s gonna hit this!


the batter
(the sun beaming down on his helmet, he’s feeling the heat from many directions.)

we’re down two, i’ve gotta get marlon and pat home.

(Thome steps back, adjusts his grips, breathes in and steps into the plate)

(thump thump clap!)

alright hotshot, it’s go time.

(the pitcher winds up)

(Announcer: here comes the pitch!)


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