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ITPPhysical Computing

3 Project Ideas

By Thursday, September 18, 2003No Comments what would you like to build this semester?

1) i would love to build a remote controlled car. many friends of mine in 6th grade built remote controlled cars with funny names like the frog, rabbit, mx-5 etc, etc.. The care came in kits and my parents thought $200 on a remote control car was a bit excessive. it was for a 12 year old, but in retrospect it may have piqued my interests in physics and physical computing. i’d like to correct this and build one now. something like the links listed below:

2) a scrolling message board. i saw a 2nd year ITP’er with a scrolling message box. i would like to build some myself and post them within places in the city. kind of like a how are you feeling magnetic board with lots of facial images, but electronic.

3) alarm clock. i would like to build a simple, yet elegant electronic alarm clock that i could put in my shower. it would have to be within a water resistant case, though easily openable to add and remove batteries.