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Self Evaluation

By Thursday, September 11, 2003No Comments

I am at ITP to learn more about technology, people and myself. I have had an interest in computers since I was 10 years old and I got my first Mac. Since then I developed an interest in computers and what I could do with them. I quickly found I had an aptitude to setting up machine and fixing them for friends. I went on to college and majored in computer science and economics.

I worked for a government consulting firm outside of DC for a year, learned some new programs and moved to NYC to continue working as a lotus notes/web developer. i worked for this consulting firm playing with lots of various web technologies for several years. i left in feb of 2001 and since then i have been running the website for ym magazine,

I know lots of web technologies and languages, but I don’t feel much passion for it. i want to feel that again, and be excited and challenged by my peers and coursework. I am the technical director for, and I’ve done almost everything I can there at the site. I don’t think there is growth for me there, and I need to find a road out. I looked at business school, but i wanted to give ITP a try. So here I am.

I’ve followed the industry for many years and I like to think that i have a firm grasp on the industry. I would say that I have an 8. I am an active user of technology, digital pictures, web design, dv movies, flash instant messaging…and the list goes on. Because I like to cook and build projects, I feel that my artistic interests will help me with my computer skills to succeed here. I would like to learn more about business and how to use the technologies here to further my career and make more money.

Five years ago I had only lived in new york for about a year. My eyes were opened to what this city could offer and where my career could go. Now I sit here and my situation is entirely different than what I expected. I am happy, but I long for more. My experiences in the dot com bubble were not as fruitful as I had hoped, but I know now that owning a company as I wanted years ago, takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

I have many interests and I find in my 29th year, my life is changing. My self-evaluation may be a bit varied. I’m trying to find my way and see how I can learn from my peers and instructors and what I can bring to them. I am excited this semester, and I hope that ITP will help me focus and find a path or paths for my career.